I don’t believe in taking the easy road …the hard road you will learn more from , we are always trying to better ourselves , every day is a challenge to come up with a new design or to better myself as a wax carver. Doing things the Old School way is what we are all about that means making jewelry by hand ..this is what brings Jewelry to life ….
When i design a piece of jewelry i want to give it some personality so it becomes part of you and your character …almost like the Jewelry is choosing you ….

Customer servise

We feel that Customer Service is very important …We want everyone to feel like they are a V.I.P client whether it is just asking us a simple question or getting a quote …always happy to help whether it is me or my sales staff …if you have any questions you would like to ask you can leave a message on any of our social media pages or send a message on the Custom Design page ..

The Team

At Chris Black Designs we like to keep things small & personal so when you are talking to the designer that is me also i am the guy on the tools making the piece of jewelry you have ordered . Everything we do is done in house …
Also i have Yuko who is in charge of sales and Debbie in charge of accounts
if you want to talk to the designer about your design you will get me …but mostly Yuko will handle sales and she will let you know when the item is being sent ..