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Custom Block ring SB

This ring was custom made for Jim at Skelton Blade Works With his new logo design for his custom hand made knifes business Jim has been a Knife nut for ever and now he is coming into his own as a Ficken awesome knife maker check out his Instagram page …[ Read More ] @skeltonbladeworks

Classic Skull design

This skull design is the one we can make many changes to whether it is adding stones to the eyes or adding elements like a cigar or gold teeth , maybe some hair or a mo you name it we will see if we can make it happen…..  [ Read More ]

Zippo Lighter cases

Yes we can make you a one of a kind lighter case in sterling silver these cases are hand carved and are very heavy it is definitely a luxury item to have . this design is the Octo Skull designs, the eyes are set with Sapphires … [ Read More ]

BWP logo ring

Our first double finger ring . Was done For Beyond Wood Products this was there company logo , so we copied the logo turning it into a piece of 3D art and of course i had a little skull to the design… [ Read More ] If you want a custom logo ring made just send a message...

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Frankenstein Bead

Cool custom bead project ..This was a real challenge but I think I nail it in the end … in the back of the design is a marquise cut diamond our client want it added to the design as it had sentimental meaning … [ Read More ] [

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